We bring together a diverse global network of designers, ethnographers, artists, strategists and technologists that enable us to create a team based on our projects needs. Our team members bring unique expertise, emotional intelligence, playfulness and a passion for using design to improve the human network of local communities and their services.
Co-founder . CEO

"Old is beautiful" is the sentence that has been in my head for 13 years. An idea which started to form while spending time with my grandma, playing with fabrics, scissors and listening to her stories. As a designer I combine product design with traditional knowledge and social innovation, working with local communities, and elderly groups, long term unemployed,disabled, immigrants and others. In 2014, Grandma Came to Work received its first seed funding and to celebrate I tattooed this sentence in my skin.

Co-founder . Community Manager

The romance started in 2014 when I met Susana. Empathy was immediate, and since then I knew it would be for the rest of my life. I grew up in Oporto, in the middle of a large family but without Grandma's. Currently, i have a lot of Granny's. As a Psychologist I believe in the natural potential of people, who need to find the right stage to shine.