THE PROJECT We understand age as a power to be unleashed. Each elderly person has a individual talent, aspiration and passion in which we believe and nurture. Either through our crafts workshops or cultural experiences our designs showcase the uniqueness of handmade work and the individual love and care each granny put into each product.
© Pedro Sadio
Join us for one of our workshops: silkscreening, creative embroidery and knitting. Our monthly workshops are open to everyone. We also develop experiences: touristic and cultural (connecting geography and emotion), baking and storytelling.
If age didn't stop
we could reach the sky.
We develop concepts and product ideas which come together as curated collections  normally launched every three to four months.
© Pedro Sadio
All final products are personalised with the photo of it’s creator : “She made it for you”. It’s a way of distinguishing the artist’s skills/ talent and story.  
Grandma Came to Work is an intergenerational creative hub, were social and emotional bonds are knitted in the local community and where elderly people can just be themselves.
© Carlos Teixeira
We use age as a superpower, empowering the people we work with, recognising their talents and highlighting their uniqueness.
© Pedro Rodrigues
© Miguel Manz

We partner with various art, music and cultural organisations and take part in festivals and other events. Some of these events don’t consider elderly people either as participants or as spectators. Instead we create actions where they are the leading figures.

© Helena Poncini