Grandmas were wondering how many young people were interested in traditional crafts these days. They searched the internet and were amazed! However they found out modern needleworkers did not have modern pincushions for their needles and pins. So, they created this hand painted pieces that are in handy as a sew or embroider tool or… Read more »

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Inspired by grandmas sofas and how beautiful, vintage and cosy they are, this collection works with special chosen fabrics that are sewed together in a creative and colourful way. The final touch is the crochet trimming that makes them adorable and unique.


Every four months we develop a new collection of homeware products inspired by traditional crafts our grannies are familiar with. Developing a new visual language, we mix old and new techniques, looking at new trends, materials and experimenting unusual coloured materials. The final products are unique and a reflex of local culture.