Face Mask #20


Made with great care by our Grannies. Colourful and creative, the painting is inspired by happy thoughts. Painted and sewn by hand.

DIMENSIONS: Unique size

WEIGHT: 20gr

MATERIAL: Cotton, with 2 TNT filters, the mask has a pocket to insert filters

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: In line with DGS advice, wear your mask for four to six hours (or as soon as the mask becomes moist) and then replace the homemade filters with new ones. Wash your mask by hand with soap or clothes detergent in hot water. Or you can also soak your mask in boiling water. Submerge, wait a few minutes, let it cool and dry. We recommend against the washing machine as it will weaken the elastic and seams. Once disinfected, the masks can be left to dry like the rest of the laundry, although care should be taken to stay in an area where there is no contact with third parties. The use of the iron is also recommended by the Grannies. If not used immediately, store the masks in a clean box or bag. Please note that wearing a mask does not exclude the need to regularly clean your hands, keep social distance and follow the rules of respiratory etiquette. For filters to be used inside the mask pocket, you can use TNT, coffee filters, napkins or others that can absorb the humidity of the breath.

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